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10 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Online Business Or Blog

No huge intro needed for this post. Here are 10 actionable items that you can do right now to improve your online business or blog: 1. RE-EVALUATE YOUR GOALS On a piece of paper (yes – paper), write down where you want your business or blog to be a year from now. Think about the following when doing so: Number specific items, such as: earnings traffic sales subscribers/followers etc. Non-number specific items, such as: authority design happiness lifestyle So often, we get stuck in [...]


10 Reasons You Should Create A WordPress Blog

Everyday, thousands upon thousands of bloggers are busy creating, writing, and publishing their own brand of creativity over the Net. It is becoming a fad to the web industry. Blogging, or having your own WordPress blog, can be all about fun and freedom or purely business. It has become a helpful tool and served many purposes. It can help an individual aspire to live a good life. It helps an individual create a sense of branding or identity. It helps an individual [...]